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In Kiev, the number of construction, restoration and repair projects is constantly increasing. Accordingly, the need for the use of high-quality scaffolding is increasing. The company Lesa-Service offers them in a large assortment, which allows you to choose the optimal equipment for specific needs. It allows you to perform various types of work at a certain height. There you can place materials, tools. Various materials can be used in production, including steel, aluminum, wood, etc. They combine with each other in the best possible way to provide complete operating conditions.

Types and features of scaffolding

They are presented on the modern market in a large assortment, may differ in appearance, size, production material and other parameters. The price depends on these factors, but in a trusted company it will always be at an acceptable level. It is not difficult for us to choose the optimal type of forests for the actual needs, which meets specific requests, quality and safety standards.
Among the main varieties can be noted frame, pin, clamp, wedge scaffolding, as well as tower-tours. Each species has unique features and scope. For example, for finishing work and masonry, frame structures can be purchased, which combine low cost and ease of installation with other operational advantages. Pin designs that can be used for masonry are distinguished by their ease of assembly.
Clamp scaffolding is usually used at high heights or when performing complex types of work. Wedges have a wide range of applications. Most often they are used for the production of stages and various tribunes, they can have a very solid height. The scaffolds are characterized by mobility, they can be easily moved around the site using special wheels. If you purchase such structures in a proven place, you can count on several main advantages:
• Optimal weight for comfortable work.
• Ease of assembly.
• Resistance to high loads.
• Ensuring safety during work.

Buy scaffolding in Kiev

The Lesa-Service company offers the most comfortable conditions in the capital for the purchase of high-quality products that meet all norms and standards. Buying directly from the manufacturer is the ideal solution because it allows you to count on the fairest value possible with no intermediary margins.