Tower-Tour (1.6x0.8m)

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Tower-Tura (1.6×0.8m) in Ukraine

This tower-tour model is actively used in many areas of human activity, because it has a lot of advantages. Due to the presence of a comfortable working platform, building materials, tools and several workers can be placed there if necessary.

Differences and advantages

The design is made according to all the rules, which affects the quality and reliability of use. The price pleasantly surprises against the backdrop of many operational advantages. Among the main advantages are:

• Safety and reliability of a design in the course of performance of works.
• Wide scope of use.
• Durability, etc.
Thanks to these advantages, the tower is becoming more and more popular among representatives of the construction professions.

How to buy?

To do this, you need to contact our company, place an order, which takes a minimum amount of time due to intuitive simplicity. You can count on the advice of a competent manager, fast delivery, a variety of payment methods.