Framed Scaffolding

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Frame scaffolding is used for different works at a height not more than 40 meters. They are indispensable for works at ordinary facades and at buildings with increased complexity, for reconstruction, for brick and stone masonry, for installation work. Due to the simplicity of construction, they are easy to assemble and do not require special tools or specific knowledge.  Scaffolding is made of steel frames and fixed with special connections. The typical feature of this scaffolding is the main vertical element, which has the form of a frame. Because of it scaffolding has gotten its name – frame. Due to its light weight and mobility, this scaffolding is easy to disassemble and assemble. You can buy frame scaffold in our online store. They can guarantee safety and significantly reduce the time of work. If you use additional elements, you can change the working area of ​​the scaffolding and give the structure the desired configuration.

In practice, workers and foremen do not always understand all the features of activities and targets that have one or another type of scaffolding. For example workers sometimes say that scaffolding towers are scaffolding with wheels. That’s why we always propose the personal communication with our clients. Our specialists can explain the typical features of different scaffolding and the client will able to do the correct choice.