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Buy scaffolding Kyiv

In our online store you can buy construction scaffolds at affordable prices. This product is high quality, reliable and versatile.

Construction scaffolds are ideal for various construction, finishing works and for the installation of various structures. They are highly durable because they are made of light and durable metal.

Construction scaffolds are:

Inventory portable. Very convenient for working in small spaces: in the bathroom, toilet, on the landing. Unlike other scaffolds, this inventory is not transformed and disassembled. Reminds me of a cabinet.

Panel. Thanks to the panel retractable support, they have a large load capacity. They rise to a height of 1-2m. Universal, they can be used as a building material, as well as professional tools.

Hinged panel. Identical to panel scaffolds. They differ in design and features.
Mini scaffold. Designed to work at low heights. Convenient and safe to use. Equipped with wheels.

Scaffolding aluminum mounting. A great replacement for a conventional ladder. Equipped with a wide platform, stable.

Mobile collapsible. They are indispensable for construction work inside the house, as well as outside. Great for building renovations. Perfectly understand, fix different heights. Suitable for working at low heights using a small amount of material.

Bricklayer scaffold. Great for construction work, when laying bricks or blocks. Fixed to desired height. Increase the efficiency of the bricklayer.
Graduation. Suitable for the construction of lightweight blocks. – Scaffolding “on goats”. Used at low altitude.
Stationary. Universal.

It is such products – mobile scaffolding that our company offers to buy. Construction scaffolds are useful not only in a construction company, but are also perfect for small repairs in your apartment or house. With such a device, repairs will be much easier and faster.

The construction scaffolds are made of aluminum profile, which makes them very comfortable and light. They can be carried to any distance. The working platform is made of a special rubberized material – moisture resistant laminated plywood, it does not slip, which gives it reliability and comfort. Easy and excellent to use. This product can be used both indoors and outdoors.

For ease of movement around the site, most structures are equipped with spikelets. After the time has passed, the wooden parts are replaced with aluminum ones. They are more durable and quite light in weight. You can make add-ons for scaffolding with decking. They are equipped with handrails for greater comfort. If you want to buy building scaffolds then please contact us!