Wedge scaffolding

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Wedge scaffolding is a mobile, safe and strong structure which is used to place building materials and workers. It consists of tubular components: horizontals, vertical racks, decks, ladders. Named for the type of fastening that provides exceptional strength and excellent load-bearing properties of the structure.         For assembling the frame solution you should just firmly connect round flanges of the pipes with holes (verticals), horizontals and diagonals, which have a holder and welded wedges. The height of the cover at the wedge scaffolding can be changed in steps of half a meter. It is important for bricklaying works when the builder needs to move up a short distance.      The construction wedge scaffolding is attached to the wall with supports. Diagonals make the frame structure more strong. The workers can move on a wedge scaffold on the diagonal capped ladder which is fastened by means of hooks. is a flooring area. There are covers for building materials, tools, equipment and workers above structure. They can be loaded of up to 500 kg / m2.

Advantages of using wedge scaffolding:

Wedge scaffolding has a number of advantages:

  • it is the most stable and safe frame structure;
  • the height of installation of a wedge scaffolding reaches 60 m – 100 m;
  • strong wedge scaffolding withstands heavy wind and weight loads;
  • high mobility: it is really ease to assemble a frame system and to disassemble it;
  • practicality: fastening knots are fixed therefore will not be lost during operation; • the structure specify allows you to collect the most non-standard structures, use them for objects with any geometry;
  • polymer coating of structural elements with powder paint prevents corrosion;
  • easily combined with other scaffolding types.

Wedge scaffolding:

  • facing, facade and other building works;
  • brick and stone masonry;
  • shipbuilding;
  • aircraft construction;
  • installation of stands, stages for any events.

Where is the best price for wedge scaffolding?

If you buy a wedge scaffolding, you should keep in mind: the quality of each part affects the strength and safety of the frame structure. LESASERVICE is a manufacturer of high-quality certified wedge scaffolding, which meets all standards and requirements. If you work with us directly, you will be exempt from price increases.

Our specialists will help you calculate the number of parts, depending on the dimensions of the wall. So you can accurately determine the purchase price. As a manufacturer, we offer bonus programs and a system of discounts. We organize the delivery really fast. We are sincerely interested in long-term cooperation.