The scaffold tower 1+1, 1,2х2,0 (1 diagonal)


Гарантия качества
The maximal high 20,7 m
Regulatory load 200 kg/m 2
Height to platform from 0,4 m  to 19,8 m
Step of cover every   30 cm
The maximal working high 0,4 m
General high 2,7 m
The high of cover 1,8 m
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Scaffold tower is a mobile building structure which consists of elements such as ladder sections, dumbbells and diagonals. The main purpose of the mobile tower is installation, restoration works at the facades of buildings and insides works.  There is a special work platform for builders and a convenient location of handy tools / materials on  the top of the mobile scaffolding.        The main features of the tower-tour are the ease of assembly and disassembly, strength, stability and safety of the structure. In addition, it can be moved really simple because of wheels with rubber coating.


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