Wedge-clamp scaffolding

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Construction wedge-clamp scaffolding in Ukraine

They are an efficient design that can be used to work at almost any height. The scope of application is extensive, which affects the popularity. Modern wedge-clamp scaffolding, made to all standards, has good performance characteristics. Versatility is considered one of the main advantages. The design can be equally successfully used for applying plaster on buildings, for carrying out repair, facing work on various objects.


This type of scaffolding has an original design, thanks to which it received the appropriate name. Particular attention is traditionally paid in the manufacturing process to the quality of individual components, as well as the reliability of the assembly. Each attachment point meets all reliability standards, which affects the safety and duration of operation. The design uses special grips, with the help of which a connection is formed. Combination with building elements built into the wall is also considered a good step, providing strength. Scaffolding can be used indoors or outdoors if weather conditions are favorable. Although the scope is very wide due to increased strength. The design is not particularly afraid of high pressure, high temperatures and humidity.

The wedge and clamp frames are interconnected to create a quality work platform. Wedge-shaped scaffolding is deservedly considered one of the most convenient options in the respective market. The use of reliable grooves and latches affects reliability. The frame system is very easy to install, although it consists of a fairly large number of components. They all stack on top of each other quickly and easily. Sections are connected using special forms, which makes the product unique. A striking difference is the possibility of working with facades in buildings of complex architecture, including those with doorways, arches and other similar objects.

The main advantages of wedge-clamp scaffolding

If you purchase wedge-clamp scaffolding from a trusted manufacturer, you can safely count on a large number of operational advantages:
• Wide scope of application, the ability to use structures in different places.
• Safety combined with durability thanks to a well-thought-out design.
• Durability of operation.
• Attractive price, which will be in perfect harmony with the quality and other parameters.

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