Wedge-clamp scaffolding

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Wedge-clamp scaffolding is universal and it is suitable for works at any height, including facing and repairing works, and also for plaster of buildings. When we create a scaffolding structure, special attention is paid to the assembly and reliability of fastening units. The combination of scaffolding with the wall of the building is formed through the use of special grips, which are combined with built-in elements in the wall of the building. The scaffolding can be used in the middle of the room and outside under favorable conditions of the microenvironment: at a temperature of + 40C; humidity 45-98%; the highest wind load of 0.3 kPa.  Clamp scaffold and wedge scaffold were combined to each other. The result is the most convenient wedge-clamp scaffold; it is made of clamps and grooves. The construction is a frame system that is mounted with using a variety of elements that are easily applied to each other. Ladder sections are combined with each other with using special forms of puncture pressure. This product is unique.  It is mounted ease and you can use it near facades with difficult architect, leaving open part through the arches and go to the door.          The maximum working height of scaffolding is  40 m. Wedge-clamp construction is safe and strong. The construction can be established under various angles to wall structures (balconies, arches). The wedge-clamp arrangement has various characteristics, the sizes of dimensions, parameters. It depends on parts of complete sets.  A unique feature of this scaffolding is the ability to install it at any surface. Scaffolding height can be increased. Our company tries to offer you the highest quality products and offers an exclusive high-level service that meets the requirements of our customers.  Our range is revealed all the time, we control the quality, reaching the level of our specialists. And the level of customer service is growing too. You buy scaffolding in our stores for affordable prices very easily.