Selection of scaffolding

And if the situation becomes clearer with the choice of the type of scaffolding, then the question arises, how to calculate the scaffolding for your area of ​​work, what square do you need, at the same time, so as not to buy too much, for your specific tasks? The method for calculating scaffolding is relatively simple, for this you need to know the length and height of the part of the building from which you want to carry out construction work. When making the calculation of scaffolding, it must be taken into account that the section is going to be a multiple of 3 meters in length, and 2 meters in height.

Before starting installation work, you need to carefully study the instructions for assembling scaffolding. This process should be led by a specialist previously appointed to this position, but if we are talking about small structures, then a person with elementary logical thinking can easily assemble them, the assembly is no more complicated than assembling a simple children’s designer. Before starting the installation, it is necessary to take care of the safety of the work, for this, the scaffolding installation area must be fenced off from passing vehicles and pedestrians, special bright tape. The area where the work will be done must be leveled. If scaffolding is collected on a dirt site, then it is advisable to tamp it down, or use adjustable jacks, this will avoid shrinkage of the entire structure. The place of construction work must be cleared of excess snow or dirt, melt water must be diverted. On a previously well-prepared site, heels or jacks are installed if the surface topography is uneven. This is necessary to give stability to the structure.

This frame system is assembled from the corner of the building in strict sequence, because the structure consists of separate sections that are a continuation of each other. All elements are fastened together with flag locks, which ensures structural strength and ease of installation. The frame structure of the scaffolding is attached to the wall with the help of clamps and grippers, which, in turn, are fixed to the wall with anchors. Clamps are swivel and non-swivel type.

Fixed clamps make the structure more durable and stable, and swivel clamps, in turn, allow you to carry out work, bypassing bumps and protrusions. Correctly assembling frame scaffolding is not so difficult, the main thing is to follow the assembly instructions exactly. The main thing is to do everything carefully.

Now it remains only to call our professional managers to make a more accurate calculation of scaffolding and select the optimal configuration.

We look forward to collaborating.