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LESASERVICE is a manufacturer of structures for building and other high-level works. As we are manufacturers, we offer scaffolding in Ukraine at competitive prices, which is produced in accordance with all standards. We propose complete package of documentation. We provide fast deliverym, because we have our own channels for transportation. We are also ready to propose a calculating of scaffolding sets , including non-standard sizes.

You can order scaffolding from the manufacturer and get the following benefits:

  • certified products that have been tested;
  • we check and control all elements before operation;
  • high quality steel for load-bearing structural elements;
  • the optimal price, which corresponds to the possibilities;
  • high-strength combination, exact conformity to the sizes, a protective polymer covering;
  • constant availability of scaffolding in stock, the fast delivery to all

Choose scaffolding that is optimal for you

Before buying scaffolding, we advise to determine the functional purpose for it, as well as the type of object where you are going to use the scaffold. If you need, we will always support and give advise. The range of LESASERVICE includes the most common scaffolding  options.

The frame scaffold

леса строительныеThese are the most common scaffold which is optimal in terms of safe working conditions at a height of up to 40 m. Another advantage is the lack of threaded connections and small elements, which give speed of installation of scaffoldin

Scaffolding is characterized by frames, which are connected with horizontals and diagonals. They provide reliability and stability. The simple design allows us to sell these products with low prices. You can buy frame scaffolding for work at facades. See the speed of assembly, ease and safety of the model, as well as the location  a large number of workers, building materials and tools.

Wedge-clamp scaffolding

купить строительные лесаThis is the safe construction that allows you to work at a height of up to 40 m. Well-designed construction  makes scaffolding light and mobile: it is much easier to move it  between objects. The characteristics of the size of a wedge-clamp scaffolding provide working conditions of several experts at the same time with a guarantee of stability and safety.

We propose to you to buy wedge-clamp scaffolding for creation of optimum working conditions at facades with nonlinear type. An important functional option is the installation of cover flooring at the different height, the ability to work on non-standard facades.

Wedge scaffolding

леса строительные клиновыеWedge scaffolding allows  to organize works at the maximum height to 100 m and maximum loading on a flooring to 350 kg / sq. m. Wedge combination guarantees maximum reliability. At the same time installation of wedge scaffolding is simple and quite fast.

We propose to you to buy wedge scaffolding for bricklaying and stone, installation and restoration works at the facades, outside and inside the building. These structures guarantee the maximum load on the facade, so they are actively used for stage installation, shipbuilding, aircraft and for solving of other industrial problems.

We will help you to choose and buy scaffolding

The variety of types and models of scaffolding makes your choice really difficult. To buy construction equipment with the required technical characteristics and taking into account the characteristics of the object, we advise you to use expert advice from LESASERVICE. We guarantee competent support at all stages of selection and ordering.

Another service is calculation of elements. The estimation of project depends on it. We will help you to calculate how many elements will be needed to organize and carry out high-altitude work. We will make detailed calculations that will allow you to optimize costs and purchase only the required amount of scaffolding elements. Please inform us about the parameters, describe the object, list the types of planned work. Our specialists will help:

  • to make the most accurate engineering calculation and understand which type of scaffolding arrange for your works;
  • to choose a construction that is suitable for safe and efficient work of your company’s staff;
  • to solve non-standard problems, remembering about special features of a facade and other nuances.

Scaffolding: the benefits of buying from the manufacturer

Our scaffolding has optimal price. Safety is guaranteed by certificates. And that’s not all the benefits of buying a scaffolding from LESASERVICE. Compliance with norms and standards which are actual in Ukraine and in the world is another significant advantage. In addition, customers value our company for:

  1. Guaranteed safety. We work carefully at the producing of every element and want to eliminate any risks.
  2. Purchase without intermediaries. We are a manufacturer with our own sales department. We like to work with our customers directly, eliminating misunderstandings and giving them what they really need.
  3. Affordable price. Direct purchase allows you to save and not overpay to intermediaries. At the same time, the company constantly improves products and replenishing the catalog. We always try to keep all prices low.

         Sale of LESASERVICE scaffolding is realized through the website. Choose any way to contact the company. Tell us  the details of the project  and we will propose to you the ways of order and delivery, the payment option that suits you. We always go to meet our customers, offer optimal conditions. Our scaffolding is the choice of professionals!

Buy scaffolding in Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Kharkov, Transcarpathia, Zhitomir, Ivano-Frankovsk, Donetsk region, Luhansk region, Poltava, Chernivtsi, Vinnitsa.